Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bitch whine moan

I really hate the Blogger editor. Well, both of them. There's no tool to add headers, but you can change fonts all damn day (bad idea).

Here's a stupid trick I just found: In the composer, you can enter HTML tags, switch to edit HTML mode, then switch back to compose, and your HTML tags will now be treated as HTML.

As another example, take <h2>. The preceding is entered as SGML literals for the angle brackets. They show up as SGML literals in both the composer and HTML mode. In preview mode (and presumably published mode), they show up as angle brackets. However, if you preview your post from the posting list, surprise! the angle bracket literals now become real angle brackets.

When you switch between Edit HTML and Compose, which I do a lot, you lose your place and have to scroll.

It is totally retarded about paragraphs. A return in the composer gives you a blank line in the HTML, which can either translate into a <br /> or normal whitespace. In the former case, the so-called WYSIWYG editor shows a line break where there is none; in the latter, you get line breaks instead of proper paragraphs. So it fix it, I have to go into Edit HTML, add <p> and </p> around my paragraphs, and then go back into Compose mode and delete the extra breaks it has thrown in.

To delete characters, I have to be very careful to use Del or Backspace, because if I use CTRL-D, which is what I normally use to delete the character to the right of the cursor, it saves my post as a draft.


I despise the trackpad on my laptop. Periodically it decides to go completely spastic on me and is nearly unusable. Other times it is fairly smooth. I don't know which would be worse, having it like it is now or spastic all the time. At least if it were spastic all the time, I'd have more incentive to disable it completely.

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