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Mmmm, Tabasco

I think the thing I like about Tabasco is it's simplicity: Salt-cured red peppers and vinegar, aged and fermented for up to three years. No added preservatives; salt and vinegar keep make it incapable of supporting bacterial life. I like it on fried eggs, particularly the yolk. As food products go, it's pretty successful, so it should be no surprise that there are spin-off flavors. And as you'd expect, the spin-offs are not always as good as the original.


The first, and worst, of the spin-offs. Originally this was billed as JalapeƱo, but now it's Green, which I think says a lot. Green food coloring and xanthan gum (last time I checked the label). It's not that it tastes bad (it's been a long time since I've tried it); I just have philosophical problems with it. Weak.


This is touted as a Jamaican-style pepper sauce, and based on the real Jamaican pepper sauces I have had at Jamaican restaurants, it's a failure in this respect. It's got some tropical fruits and sugar and other spices, and has a regular Tabasco base. It also has tomatoes, which do not seem to be an ingredient that is very common in Jamaican pepper sauces; the ones I am familiar with are mostly yellow-orange from all the habanero peppers. The Tabasco version is orangish-red. It's kind of like comparing the "Lord of the Rings" movies to the books: If you've never read the books and go watch the movies with no expectations, the movies are pretty good. If you've read the books, the movies are an affront. If you avoid comparisions to Jamaican pepper sauces, this is a good pepper sauce. I still like it, even it is not a faithful adaptation of the original. It's about twice as hot as regular Tabasco.


Chipolte peppers are really smoked jalapeƱos, and based on my previous comments, you'd think this sucks. Actually, I think the chipolte is the best of the bunch. The smokiness really adds a lot to the flavor. It's roughly as hot as regular Tabasco, and good for kicking up weak salsa.


It sounds interesting, but I haven't tried it yet.

Tabasco: Eat some today before you die.

No, I really don't have anything more interesting to talk about on my lunch break.

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Around the world in 67 hours

Congratulations to Steve Fossett for his piloting of the first non-stop, non-refueling solo flight around the world in the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer. Doing anything for 67 hours is quite an achievement; piloting a fragile experimental jet around the world when you're not sure you even have enough fuel and landing it safely is an amazing feat. Steve was also the first (only, to date?) person to fly non-stop solo around the world in a balloon, and that took several tries. Now, Steve, it's time for your next challenge: To be the first person to fly around the world, non-stop, without refueling, in a human-powered aircraft. Burt Rutan, after your great work on SpaceshipOne and GlobalFlyer, your job is to make an improved version of the Gossamer Condor, which was the first sustained human-powered aircraft. Your version must be capable of carrying one pilot and 10,000 gallons of Gatorade and Jolt Cola. Richard Branson, after financing SpaceshipOne and GlobalFlyer and the upcoming VirginGalactic, and other amazing feats of engineering, your task is to give Burt Rutan as much money as he wants. I am certain you gentlemen will rise to the challenge and soon we'll all have our own human-powered sub-orbital flying cars.

Printing^WSPAMMING Blog

On a whim, I hit the "next blog" button, and I got this so-called Printing Blog. In reality, this has not a fucking thing to do with printing, but everything to do with spamming on all sorts of subjects from cat acne to mortgages. This is certainly done with hopes of search engines indexing his site, maybe so he can scam some referral money, or maybe he gets paid by the link, since he posts a new one every few minutes. Sadly, since it's a BlogSpot site, he doesn't even have to pay for this net pollution. Now you're probably thinking, "Farce, what have you been doing all this time to just now be noticing this?" And the answer is: Ignoring you and your blog. Nathan Allen, kindly fuck off.

Abolish the FEC: Get them before they get you

Declan McCullagh reports at C|Net,
[Federal Election Commissoner] Bradley Smith says that the freewheeling days of political blogging and online punditry are over.

In just a few months, he warns, bloggers and news organizations could risk the wrath of the federal government if they improperly link to a campaign's Web site. Even forwarding a political candidate's press release to a mailing list, depending on the details, could be punished by fines.

Just linking to a candidate's web site could be assessed as a campaign contribution, for which there is a $1000 individual limit. How much is your link worth? Nobody knows. Smith notes, "Senators McCain and Feingold have argued that we have to regulate the Internet, that we have to regulate e-mail. They sued us in court over this and they won." I suppose you could write your congresscritter, but they have a vested interest in the status quo. This reminded me of an article by Harry Browne on how the FEC exists primarily to enforce a two-party system. Oops, now I've contributed an unknown amount of money to Harry if he ever decides to run for President again.

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Happy 25th Anniversary, CNN Headline News, RIP

Now here's why you suck. I've watched Headline News for the last 20 years. The beauty of Headline News was you could turn it on any time and get a half an hour of news. You got a minute of weather, a minute or two of sports, the "Hollwood Minute", and then maybe a two minute "human-interest" puff piece at the end. But then you got at least 15 minutes of real news. Things started to go downhill when Time-Warner bought Turner, and accelerated when AOL bought Time-Warner. " It's hipper and trendier than ever, with less and less actual news content. If you cut out all the witty banter, you'd probably have another five minutes for covering actual news. Well now you've gone too far:
On February 21, Headline News launched "Headline Prime" an all-new, prime-time lineup, featuring "Showbiz Tonight," a live entertainment news show; "Nancy Grace" a legal news and debate show and "Prime News Tonight," a nightly, national news program. Before and after the new programs, Headline News continues to provide you with top stories, business news, sports, weather and entertainment news around the clock. [Source]
This crapfest goes on from 7-10 Eastern and then repeats for the west coast, so from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., which is the time I was most likely to watch, there's no fucking Headline News. We hates it! We hates it forever! Attention Weather Channel! You are also on dangerous ground. Used to be I could get weather every 8 minutes. Now it seems like every time I want the current conditions or a forecast, I get "Storm Stories" instead. Cut that shit out. If I want weather history, I'll turn on the Discovery Channel. Stick to your core competency, which is forecasting the fucking weather. And will someone please gag The Schwartz? The man just will not shut the fuck up. links for 2005-03-01