Monday, July 11, 2005

Pussed out

On the morning of my trip, while loading up, I decided against taking the bike, for three reasons.

First, I didn't feel the bike was completely ready; it was still running a bit rough.

Second, I wasn't ready; I had hoped to get more riding time before going on a 500 mi (and back) trip.

Third, Dennis: I drove through some torrential rains on the way back. It rained so hard, it took the brake dust off the wheels and the bugs off the front bumper.

Today (now yesterday): Went for a trip around the Athens Perimeter; refueled. Rode up Nowhere Road, and ended up around Commerce. Did a little shopping and got home just before the rain got serious. Total distance: About 90 mi. I'm still using Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas and it seems to be helping. There are still some flat spots at times, but it get progressively better well after warm-up.

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