Saturday, July 02, 2005

Whoring for beverages

Went outside to clean up a bit and found my lost bolt almost immediately. It was right where I had been applying gasket adhesive. The lighting was bad, and I only found it because the can of adhesive was stuck to some newspaper, and lifting the can caused the bolt to roll. Installed it.

Propel is "fitness water" from Gatorade. It's like Gatorade, with all the electrolytes, but without all the sugar. It still has some sucrose, because sucrose helps you absorb water. It's got sucralose (a.k.a. Splenda) as well. It's non-nasty. I am planning a road trip on my bike next week, and this seems like it would be a pretty good thing to have on hand. If some marketing bigwig over at Gatorade wants to ship me a case, or a great big pile of money, please contact me.

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