Friday, July 01, 2005

Welcome to July

Got oil for the bike: Motul 5100 4T Synthetic 10W40. I've used this for the life of the bike, and I can't complain, but at $27.50/gallon, it isn't cheap.

Reinstalled valve cover. Decided to reuse gasket since it seems to be in good shape, even compared to the new one. I'll save it for later. A little bit of silicone sealer is needed where the head has been machined for the camshafts. My old tube of blue Permatex more or less exploded on me. Messy.

Tried to reinstall baffle plate, which prevents air from the radiator from blowing over the engine. Everything was getting wet because I was sweating so much. Decided I needed a break. It was about 88° F, 66% humidity, heat index of 98°. I'll cool off, rehydrate and go again.

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